New High Speed Corridors Open Up Next Dimension Internet. New Webspace And Dashcom Domain Names Are

(1888PressRelease) Access brand new Internet Worlds today. Register previously unheard of domain names such as “business-com” and “music-net” to connect to a whole new Universe. The race to own the most memorable websites has already begun.

For anyone who felt all the valuable “COM” domains were long gone, as from today, you’ll find them all available again. The addition of a parallel Internet offers a truly level playing field. This time you don’t have to miss out, and this time, it’s completely free.

Out of DOTCOM evolves the DASHCOM. Simply select any two words and separate them with a dash. For example, take “business” and “com” to create the website “business-com” (you no longer need “www”). Use any combination (in any language). Use “easy” and “rider” to create the website “easy-rider”.

DASHCOM websites are springing up all over the world. An extra dimension has been added to the Internet that anyone can use virtually without restriction. It’s not ICANN, instead think of a Private Network in conjunction with the current DNS system. These new domain names offer almost unlimited possibilities for all those wanting personalization and easy-to-remember options. Dashworlds (, who are currently giving away these domains free, have been inundated as Internet users continue to grab the most memorable, distinctive and potentially valuable names.

Don’t miss out. There are incredible addresses like “movies-com” or “tennis-net”. Why not take over the “stock-market” or if you’re lucky you could even possess “the-world”. Just about anything is possible and in whatever language or text you desire (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish to name just a few). Checkout the new DASHCOM domains today at and be the first.

Remember, Dashworlds also provides free URL, IP and DNS forwarding for everyone. A personalised control panel is provided to enable users to publish their websites immediately. Coming soon, other free features such as Dashcom email, instant email, website design, upgraded website hosting as well as data storage.

About Dashworlds
Dashworlds Ltd is a UK company that specializes in providing the widest range of fully personalized Internet domain names, email addresses and hosting plans through its global infrastructure.

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