The Basics of Buying a Small Business

The Small Business is bought and sold

There is a small entrepreneur, who had never considered selling his business? Probably not. Is there a person with little money, talent or a desire for independence (often only the last one), did not believe the hold over his own business?

The number of small businesses are actually bought and sold, but only a small fraction of those who have these instincts. For many people, the desire to buy or sell only a fleeting thought.Others find different ways to solve their problems and their ambitions to satisfy. But sometimes do not follow an individual, because he by the prospect of buying or selling a business is too confusing.

The flow of decisions in a buy-sell transaction

BUYERS AND SELLERS both seek answers to the same question: “What is the company worth?” Most people see the value of a company than the total value of equipment and fixtures, inventory and buildings and land. Important, of course,But the sum of these values is not equal to the value of the company.

Find the answer for buyers and sellers to this question is the most difficult and also the most important step in the buy-sell process. But this latest decision shows that many other decisions made during the transaction will be considered. In other words, is the buy-sell process, a stream of decisions. It would be impossible to point out, as every decision must be made, but the basicfollows:

• motivation to try: a decision on the purchase or sale of a business.
• Contact us at: A decision on a buyer (or seller) for a company with certain characteristics.
• Information: to collect a decision on what information or again to buy or sell a business.
• Sources: a decision like that can be obtained from where and at what cost, the necessary information.
• Analysis: a decision about the meaning, significance and reliability of informationgathered.

• Value: a decision on what the business is worth. Price: a decision on how much money to take or give for the business.

• Financing: a decision on how to pay or receive the purchase price.

• Contract: a decision on the form and content of the contractual relation.

• Implementation: a decision on how and when to effect transfer of ownership.

How important is management ability in this business?

Occasionally, a business that is unique and very simple almost manages itself. But if the business in a competitive field, management capability is probably the most important prerequisite for success.

If the prospective owners have the ability to manage successfully?

Effectiveness with people (customers and employees), fighting to take eagerness to difficult problems and decisions, and knowledge of general business management skills are important ingredients.

Can he / she will learn how to manage this business?

MostPeople can learn to manage if they recognize the need. This will require room to make mistakes, however, and the self-discipline to carry out self-improvement programs.


Heike Ziegler

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